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TCNJ Cooperman College Scholars Class of 2020

To the Graduating Class of 2020 and the 1st Cohort of Cooperman College Scholars!

In 2016 The College of New Jersey welcomed the first cohort of Cooperman College Scholars to campus.  Cooperman College Scholars is a program that supports academically talented, highly motivated students with financial need from Essex County, New Jersey, in their efforts to attain a four-year college degree.  The program provides a three-week Summer Academy, a scholarship to attend college, as well as mentoring and other resources to ease the transition to college and support each Scholar’s success. The Class of 2020 includes sixteen scholars who began the journey and now are TCNJ alumni!  We celebrate their success and future endeavors!

Congratulations from Mr. Marvin Carter

“Enjoy it all, it goes by faster than you know” remember us telling you that while in Eickhoff? Did we lie? It felt like a few months ago you were excited to come and build your futures here at TCNJ and decision day was upon us. Then all of the excitement began, followed by an uncertainty of how this huge decision would impact your future. Once you were here, I met some of you at the door as your Residence Director in Wolfe Hall and others I met throughout the year. By your choice to attend TCNJ you paved the way for so many after you, not just in Summer Academy but also on campus. You took on leadership positions which meant bringing back old organizations and causing them to flourish, pushing change, encouraging self-advocacy, and modeling student engagement. Many of you have gone on to leave a positive impact on campus that will resonate for years to come.
I am proud to have been able to watch your growth and successes. It can not be understated that you all were the beginning of an amazing initiative and no one can ever take the trailblazing you have done.


Congratulations from Ms. Ivonne Cruz


Congratulations from Dr. Jackson


Congratulations from Dr. Williams



Amanda de Oliveira

  • Major: Public Health
  • Minor: Psychology
  • High School: Technology High School
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Working at Clara Maass Medical Center as an Emergency Technician, this job will allow me to gain the patient hours needed to apply to Physician Assistant (PA) school (master’s program) which I plan on applying during the 2021-2022 cycle.


Angel Nacipucha

  • Major: Interactive Multimedia
  • Minor: Marketing
  • High School: Technology High School


Aydan Burgess

  • Major: Business Management
  • High School: East Orange STEM Academy
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Internship at The Children’s Place, serving in their supply chain division at their headquarters in Secaucus.


Bianna Dixon


  • Major: Accounting and Information Systems
  • High School: North Star Academy College Preparatory High School
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Law School (Fall 2021)


Danyelle Underdue

  • Major: Biology
  • Minor: Chemistry
  • High School: Science Park High School
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Internship or employment at a large pharmaceutical company


Ine’a Smith

  • Major: Self Designed – Literary, Visual, And Performing Arts
  • Minor: African American Studies
  • High School: University High School
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Teaching 6th grade English in New Orleans through Teach For America.


Seddrick Kumal

  • Major: Business Management
  • High School: North Star Academy
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Searching for a job and moving out.


Shaniqua Dawes

  • Major: Visual Arts with Specialization in Graphic Design
  • Minor: Creative Writing
  • High School: Cicely L. Tyson Community School of Performing and Fine Arts
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Full Time Employment


Shanise Curry

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Pre-Med Track
  • High School: STEM Academy
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Work as a medical assistant and then go to Physician Assistant School in 2021-2022


Sherida Hinckson

  • Major: Accounting and Information Systems
  • Minor: Spanish
  • High School: Bloomfield Vocational and Technical High School
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Auditor at Ernst and Young (EY) — Wealth and Asset Management


Welington Jimenez

  • Major: Finance
  • High School: West Caldwell Tech
  • Post-Graduation Plans: Starting a position as a financial advisor for Mass Mutual



  • Gusvernande Jean-Baptiste
  • Isaiah Reyes
  • Ismail Hinds
  • Jeff Moise
  • Martins Osasuwen