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Personalized Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching provides an interactive relationship between a student and professional staff member which focuses on the process of learning, allowing students to examine their unique study strengths and needs in an effort to maximize success. The goal of academic coaching is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve educational success and anchor this with tailored strategies, a supportive relationship, and personal accountability. Together with an academic coach, students examine their learning styles, habits of working, and current barriers to success and create a plan of action to tackle these challenges.

Coaching focuses on study skills, time management, goal setting, motivation, resource connection, campus engagement, and personal development. Understanding that each student is unique, the role of the coach is to guide the student in the discovery process and help the student reach his or her full potential.

Any student enrolled at TCNJ is eligible to participate in academic coaching!

A meeting with a CSS professional staff member helps students:

  • Form academic, professional, personal goals
  • Foster self-reliance and advocacy skills
  • Stay on track academically through academic advisement, help with course sequencing and making smart choices
  • Evaluate and adapt study skills necessary for academic success
  • Manage their time efficiency to develop a balance between academic and non-academic commitments
  • Break down larger assignments into realistic, manageable pieces
  • Understand their learning style

Resources for Study Skills Enhancement: 

When to Meet for Academic Coaching:

The frequency of meetings is up to an individual student’s needs. Students are welcome to make a one-time appointment, follow-ups to assess progress toward a particular task, or schedule on-going check-ins, but common times to meet with a CSS staff member may be:

  • Beginning of the semester to review your course load and devise strategies to attack your work
  • Mid-semester, as you’ve settled into your classes and are aware of long term assignment dates
  • End of the semester, to sharpen your focus on your remaining work and prepare for finals

To find out more about CSS’s Academic Coaching or to schedule an appointment with a professional staff member, email or visit Roscoe West Room 131.

TCNJ Student Testimonials:

“CSS goes above and beyond to ensure the success of their students.”  –Senior Business Major

 “I learned better studying techniques and quickly saw improvement in my grades after my meeting with CSS.”  –Freshman Psychology Major

“CSS is tailored to meet the unique needs of individual students.” –Junior Accounting Major

“I was treated as though I was the only person that mattered at that point in time, and my concerns were addressed respectfully.” –Sophomore Psychology Major