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Personalized Academic Coaching

This service allows students to be “coached” on various academic success skills and techniques to suit their individual needs. Academic Coaching can be utilized by students who need assistance in areas such as time management, effective reading, test taking, academic motivation, and a host of other study skills.

Academic Success Workshops

Academic success workshops are offered intermittently throughout the year, most in the evenings and often facilitated in the residence halls. These workshops teach innovative strategies and techniques to assist students with their own unique challenges and experiences. Particular emphasis is placed on helping students build a stronger sense of their personal and academic strengths.

To request a workshop, please CLICK HERE.

Supplemental Academic Advising

Working as a supplement to students’ Departmental Advisors, CSS can provide resources and support for students seeking clarification and guidance in choosing the courses necessary to gain the optimal experience at TCNJ. Referrals to faculty as well as offices such as the Assistant Deans, Records & Registration, Tutoring, The Career Center, etc., assist in this process and encourage students to be advocates for their own success.

Pride Mentoring Program

Providing college students from historically marginalized backgrounds with the ability to grow culturally, socially, and academically in an encouraging and supportive environment, accomplished through mentoring, structured activities, events and strategic learning opportunities.